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This page provides a list of cities with District of Columbia WIC clinics. If you already receive WIC benefits in District of Columbia, then most likely you are already setup with a clinic nearby. If you are looking to apply for District of Columbia WIC and need to start the process, then select your city below to view all available District of Columbia WIC locations in that city. We provide the WIC office hours, phone number and address. Once you find a clinic, you will need to call and schedule an appointment. The first appointment is called the Certification Appointment. We recommend when scheduling, ask the staff what documents you need to bring with you to your appointment.

The information in these documents will help the staff determine if you are eligible for District of Columbia WIC benefits. These documents are important, so make sure you bring them with you. Otherwise if you don't, you risk delaying the application process. If you need further details about the process, view how to apply for District of Columbia WIC. While receiving benefits, you will need to visit your local District of Columbia WIC clinic to make sure the program is working for you and your family. If not, the staff can make adjustments. For example, change the types of food or formula needed.

If you are planning to move to a new address in state or out of state, then you will need to notify your District of Columbia WIC clinic. In most cases they will provide you with a Verification of Certification Card (VOC). This provides details about you and your benefits. When you move to your new address, the next step is to contact a local WIC clinic near your new location and schedule an appointment so you can continue to receive District of Columbia WIC benefits until it expires. You would need to show the staff at the new clinic your VOC to prove you were receiving WIC at your previous location.

If you cannot find an District of Columbia WIC location close to you, then try our WIC Clinic Search page. This allows you to search for DC WIC office locations near your address.

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