WIC Approved Food List

In most cases, if you are receiving WIC benefits in your state, you are given WIC checks or vouchers that allow you to purchase WIC approved foods at your local grocery store. Each month you would go down to a WIC clinic nearby and they would issue the checks or vouchers. The foods specified are designed to supplement your diet with specific nutrients that benefits you and your child's needs. In some states they have rolled out the new eWIC system.

This replaces the paper checks and vouchers with a WIC EBT (Electronic benefit transfer) Card. Instead of using the checks or vouchers at checkout, you would hand the cashier your WIC EBT Card and they would swipe it like a normal debit or credit card. From there, the POS system would deduct the amount from your current WIC balance. Also, instead of having to visit your local WIC clinic each month for new checks our vouchers, your eWIC card will automatically be refilled electronically.

WIC Breastfeeding

WIC believes and promotes breastfeeding as an optimal source of nutrition for infants. For women who do not breastfeed fully, WIC provides iron-fortified infant formula. Special infant formulas and medical foods may be available when prescribed by a physician for specific medical needs and conditions.

Some of the foods available through the WIC program include eggs, cheese, infant and adult cereal, fruits and vegetables, canned fish, peanut butter and canned beans and peas and more. To find out all the foods available through your WIC benefits, select your state below.

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