WIC Approved Store Locations

Each month when you receive your WIC checks/vouchers, or in some states your WIC EBT Card, you would head down to your local grocery store and purchase WIC approved foods for you and anyone else who is on the program. We provide a list of stores that are approved to sell WIC foods in each state. In most cases, stores that are allowed to sell these items have a WIC logo in their front window to let you know. To browse for a WIC approved vendor, select your state below.

Not everything at the grocery store is eligible for purchase with your voucher/check, so knowing what you can purchase before you go is important. Your WIC eligible foods will vary depending on your child's age, preference and medical requirements. When shopping, make sure to look at the "What to buy" section of your WIC voucher/check. Also, it is highly recommended that you bring your signed WIC ID folder with you at the grocery store.

Plan to use your WIC checks/vouchers starting on the "first day to use" and no later than the "last day to use". When you are ready to check out, let the cashier know right away that you are using WIC vouchers. Separate your food items by check and from non-WIC foods. Each WIC check must be rung up separately by the store clerk. Make sure the clerk puts the correct price on the WIC check and show the clerk your WIC ID envelope.

If you cannot shop yourself, then they usually let you name an alternate that can do the shopping for you at the store. Inform your local WIC clinic who you would like to be your alternate. Make sure to always save your receipts for your records and also it should show you latest remaining WIC balance.

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