WALWORTH County Public Health WIC Clinic

This South Dakota WIC clinic is located at 1401 10th Ave. W. Mobridge 57601. We provide the contact information below for WALWORTH County Public Health WIC Clinic, including the WIC office phone number, address and hours of operations. If you are currently receiving SD WIC benefits and this is the closes clinic to you, then you can contact this location and request assistance for questions or issues you may have. In most cases you are required to meet with the WIC staff at this Mobridge WIC office location so they can make sure you and your family are doing well and if need be, adjust the program including the types of foods for you and your children or the baby formula for infants.

If it is time, you would need to go down to WALWORTH County Public Health WIC Clinic to get more WIC checks/vouchers. In some states you no longer need to do this, as your South Dakota WIC EBT Card will be automatically refilled each month. You can use your checks/vouchers or EBT Card to purchase WIC approved foods at your local grocery store. To see a full list of what items you can buy, SD WIC food list. To find out more about the EBT Card, use the contact information below to call this WIC location in Mobridge, SD.

If you are planning to move to a new address, either in state or out of state, then you must notify WALWORTH County Public Health WIC Clinic right away. Usually the staff will provide you with a Verification of Certification Card (VOC). This provides proof you are on the South Dakota WIC program. When you do finally move, you need to find a clinic nearby at your new address and schedule an appointment so you can provide them proof of benefits with your VOC card. Even if you move out of state, they are required to continue your SD WIC benefits until it expires, at which time you would need to re-apply.

Apply for South Dakota WIC

If you are looking to apply for the WIC program and this location is close to you, then use the contact information below to call and schedule an appointment. While you are talking to the staff on the phone, make sure you verify what information you need to bring to you at your appointment. It is important you bring everything required as the staff uses this information to see if you are eligible for South Dakota WIC. If you don't bring these documents, you risk delaying the application process. To find out the complete process, how to apply for SD WIC benefits.

WIC Breastfeeding

WIC encourages mothers who participate in the program to breastfeed. Research has shown that breast milk is the best food for baby's first year of life. Breastfeeding provides many health, nutritional, and economical benefits to mother and baby. You can contact WALWORTH County Public Health WIC Clinic and the staff there should be able to provide mothers with breastfeeding information and support.

Also, breastfeeding mothers are usually eligible to participate in the WIC program longer than non-breastfeeding mothers and they receive larger amount and variety of foods. If you need a breast pump or other breastfeeding items, contact the staff at this South Dakota WIC office to see what they can help with. In some cases, the program provides access to these items.

Searching for a Clinic

If you want to see if there is a clinic closer to you, then browse through the list of Mobridge WIC locations in South Dakota. Or if you prefer, you can use our WIC Clinic Search page. This will allow you to search for any SD WIC clinics near your address.

  • WIC Office Address

    WALWORTH County Public Health WIC Clinic
    1401 10th Ave. W.
    Mobridge, SD 57601

  • WIC Office Phone Number

    The SD WIC phone number for this clinic is 605-845-8127.

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Map of WALWORTH County Public Health WIC Clinic

Below is a map of the current South Dakota WIC clinic, located at 1401 10th Ave. W. Mobridge 57601. You can view the current WIC office hours and other WIC locations nearby on the upper right hand side of this page.

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