Florida WIC Income Guidelines

This page provides the WIC Income Guidelines in Florida. The WIC staff uses this to determine if you are income eligible for FL WIC benefits. In some situations, you may be automatically income eligible if you or a family member is currently receiving benefits from other state programs including SNAP (Food stamps), TANF or Medicaid. Review the Florida Income Eligibility Guidelines below.

To view the full application process, how to apply for WIC in Florida. If you still have questions or issues about the income guidelines or the states WIC application process, then contact the Florida WIC program for further assistance.

For a pregnant woman, each unborn baby counts as 1 extra person in the household size.

Household Size Monthly
1 $1,872
2 $2,538
3 $3,204
4 $3,870
5 $4,536
6 $5,202
7 $5,868
8 $6,534
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