Inarajan WIC Locations GU

This page provides a list of Inarajan WIC clinics in Guam. We provide the office hours, phone number and address for each listing below. If you are looking to apply for the Guam WIC program, then you will need to find a Inarajan WIC clinic near you to call and schedule an appointment. When you are talking to the staff scheduling your appointment, we highly recommend you verify what information you need to bring with you as the information they provide will help the staff determine if you and your family are eligible to receive Guam WIC benefits.

In most cases they will need to get the height and weight for each person applying. Once they determine you are eligible, you will receive information about the Guam WIC program and your WIC checks/vouchers, or depending on your state, a Guam WIC EBT Card. They will be used to purchased WIC approved foods at your local grocery store. To find out more about the application process, how to apply for Guam WIC. To find out more about what foods you can purchase, Guam WIC approved food list.

If you have questions or issues about your benefits, then contact one of the Inarajan WIC locations below. They can help. If you are planning to move to a new location either in state or out of state, you will also need to notify your local WIC clinic in Inarajan. In most cases the staff will provide you with a Verification of Certification Card (VOC). Make sure you keep this in a safe place, because when you move you will need to contact one of the WIC locations near your new address and give them your VOC to prove you are receiving Guam WIC benefits. Even if you move out of state, this will allow you to continue to receive your benefits until they expire, at which point you will need to re-apply.

If you cannot find a location on this page, then try our WIC Clinic Search page. There you can search using your address to find a Inarajan WIC location closes to you. If you still cannot find a location, or if you are unable to find answers to your question or issues, then we recommend contacting the Guam WIC program for further assistance.

Inarajan WIC Locations GU
Inarajan WIC Clinic

162 Apman Drive
Inarajan, GU 96917

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