Arizona WIC Program

The WIC program in Arizona is handled by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Their job is to help promote, improve and protect the health of children and adults in the state. This includes managing Arizona WIC benefits and services. If you are looking to apply for the Arizona WIC program, or if you already receive benefits and need assistance, then use the WIC office contact number listed below.

Applying for Arizona WIC

If you live in the state and are looking to apply for AZ WIC benefits, then you will need to contact your local WIC clinic or agency and schedule an appointment. Use the information below to contact the Arizona Department of Health Services to find a location near you. At your appointment the staff will determine if you are eligible. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements including categorical, residential, income and nutrition risk. For more details on these requirements, find out how to apply for Arizona WIC.

Transferring Arizona WIC Benefits

If you are currently receiving Arizona WIC benefits and plan on moving to a new city or out of state, you should be able to transfer your benefits to your new location. First, you need to contact your local WIC clinic or agency and inform the staff your plans to move. In most cases they will provide you with a Verification of Certification Card (VOC). This will help ensure a seamless and continued participation through the entirety of your certification period (The time you are receiving WIC). Once you have moved, the next step is to contact the WIC clinic or agency nearby at your new location and let them know you need to transfer your benefits. The VOC should have the contact information for the WIC clinic or agency at your new location.

Once you have moved, you will need to give them a valid VOC card. Your WIC benefits must be transferred and allow the participant to continue receiving benefits through the end of their current certification period, even if the participant does not meet the eligibility requirements at their new location. If the clinic or agency at your new location is at a maximum case load, they are required to put you at the top of the waiting list and make it a priority. If you still need help, please contact the Arizona Department of Health Services listed below.

Arizona eWIC EBT System

Originally, when receiving Arizona WIC benefits, you are given checks or vouchers each month that you would use to purchase WIC approved foods at your local grocery store. By the year 2020, states will be using eWIC for all participants. The eWIC system aims to replace paper checks and vouchers with a EBT (Electronic benefit transfer) card. This acts like a normal debit card. You would go to your WIC approved store and select the food items to purchase, and at check out you would give the cashier your AZ WIC EBT card.

The cashier will then run it like a normal debit card and the system will automatically deduct the amount from your current balance. Also, each month instead of having to visit your local WIC clinic to pickup more checks/vouchers, the EBT system allows the state to refill your card eletronically each month. For more information about the AZ eWIC system, for instance how to check balance on WIC card, contact the Arizona Department of Health Services listed below.

Below is a list of additional departments that handle WIC benefits in this state:

Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.
2214 N. Central Avenue, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: 602-258-4822
Fax: 602-258-4825
WIC Director: Mindy Jossefides

Navajo Nation WIC Nutrition Program
Post Office Drawer 1390
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: 928-871-6698
Fax: 928-871-6251
WIC Director: Henry Haskie

  • WIC Office Location

    150 N. 18th Avenue
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007
    Suite 310

  • WIC Office Phone Number

    You can contact the Arizona Department of Health Services at 800-252-5942 or 602-542-1025. You can fax them at 602-542-0883.

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